Sunday, October 14, 2007

"And that's why you never make a Slap Bet with your friend..."

[rubbing hands together maniacally]

2007 World Blogger Championship of Online Poker [sic]
PokerStars Tournament #63028692,
No Limit Hold'em
1337 players
Tournament started - 2007/10/14 - 15:00:00 (ET)

1259: banditshuman (Windsor)
1260: luckyt0aster (Racine)
1261: kacorkiraly (Budapest)
1262: KACKIS (Kaunas)
1263: incandenza (Toronto)
1264: esqulax24 (North Hills)

1265: thomasson88 (Szolnok)
1266: Poprocks1 (Austin)

1267: tenbob (Castlebar)
1268: zpantel69 (Thompsonville)
1269: Horus Player (Loures)
1270: rich042486 (saline)
1271: Kitty6924 (Columbia)
1272: Powder2469 (Columbia)
1273: blahdy (Brno)
1274: Pipe5280 (FCP)
1275: terjeber (Marina del Rey)
1276: sancelle (Fresno)
1277: silenthedges (jacksonville)
1278: inventimes07 (Montreal)
1279: JDwest (Wichita)
1280: ozarkman59 (Desha/Batesville)
1281: seventh_sam (GR)
1282: slickpoker22 (Brooklyn)
1283: Marx767 (Tartu)
1284: GER_Timmey (Marsberg)
1285: psycho_100k (RAILBIRDS)
1286: FiKKer (Madrid)
1287: psychUout (Monster Mansion)
1288: BillyBizzle (Fairport)
1289: Davey52e (stockton)
1290: R U S T 1 D (New Orleans)
1291: Calculated22 (McMinnville)
1292: SunlightS (UK)
1293: SweetsakaSun (Dahlonega Ga )
1294: XAmethyst69X (Westfield)

1295: SmokeWeedman (Railbirds)
1296: $12-JB-12$ (upNorth, stats on~)
1297: SoxLover (Jersey City)
1298: EmperorJoker (London)
1299: NeillyAA (bradford)
1300: lakong (RHE)
1301: StCynic (Stanton)

Shuk, I know you're reading this. Five left.


Mark P said...

Geez, I hope that 'things Mark will find painful' tag is never used again.

And COME ON! You went out just barely after me?! God, that beat looks even worse now. That said, I'll take my punishment like a man. Sigh... damn you, Neil Patrick Harris.

Kyle Wasko said...

I'd like to think I played a little less cautiously once you got knocked out, but I probably would've gone broke on the hand I did go broke on regardless.

Dealt black Queens. Raise 3x bb. One caller. Flop comes Kh Kc 10c. He bets half the pot. I call. Turn is an Ad. Bet. Call. River is an Jc--filling out my straight. He bets 1k. I raise to 3. He puts me all in. Since I hadn't put him on a flush draw, I call...and he flips over Ac 9c. So it goes.

I won't lie, I wanted that damned iPod, but I'll gladly take the slaps.

RT Murphy said...

The real question is which option he'll take if he loses. I demand digicam coverage of every last slap!