Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the war room!!"

Ranking The Presidents: The Complete List

OK, if (not a given) I've done this properly, clicking on a particular President will take you to the post where they're discussed. (A reminder that, as noted here, I tinkered with the rankings at one point-- dropping Reagan down two places--so while he'll appear as 18th when you click on his entry, I assure you, he's 20th. The corrected list is what you see below.) The original plan--cutting and pasting all ten parts together--failed because: (a) I used too many quotes for the coding not to get hopelessly screwed up somewhere along the way, (b) I'm too busy watching the Lions shit the bed on national TV (a disastrous--and yet not at all surprising--35-3 beatdown at the moment...oh, and did I mention there are still three minutes left in the first half? Good Lord!), and (c) it's 35,000 words long.

42. James Buchanan
41. Warren Harding

40. William Henry Harrison
39. Franklin Pierce
38. George W. Bush
37. Andrew Johnson
36. Millard Fillmore

35. John Tyler
34. James A. Garfield
33. Zachary Taylor
32. Ulysses S. Grant

31. Richard Nixon
30. Herbert Hoover
29. Benjamin Harrison
28. Jimmy Carter
27. Chester A. Arthur

26. Rutherford B. Hayes
25. Gerald Ford
24. Martin Van Buren

23. Calvin Coolidge
22. John Quincy Adams
21. William Howard Taft

20. Ronald Reagan
19. Bill Clinton
18. George Bush
17. William McKinley
16. Grover Cleveland

15. John Adams
14. Dwight Eisenhower
13. John F. Kennedy
12. James K. Polk
11. James Madison
10. James Monroe

9. Andrew Jackson
8. Lyndon Johnson
7. George Washington
6. Thomas Jefferson
5. Harry Truman
4. Woodrow Wilson
3. Theodore Roosevelt
2. Franklin D. Roosevelt
1. Abraham Lincoln

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